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The Information Age has opened up a whole host of possibilities for us, and we as a civilization are more connected than ever. This has not only made us more productive and as a result, boosted our progress, but it has also opened up new realms of leisure and pleasure for us. One such leisure is traveling around the world, and while our infatuation with it has never dimmed, the way we do it has certainly improved.

For instance, last year I had the opportunity to travel to and explore the enigmatic and beautiful European landscape of Croatia as part of my exchange semester program. Other than the fact that it has produced decent football players, I knew very little about the country before visiting it.

The culture that I was exposed to left me enthralled and the beauty of the natural surroundings simply dazzled my mind. Unsurprisingly, I returned home wishing I could have stayed there longer.

Among the things that I found particularly fascinating in that Balkan land were the handicrafts designed by the locals. I remember seeing a Croatian cravat (a kind of tie) for the first time in a store in Zagreb, and listening in awe as the store owner told me about how whenever Croatian men in the past would prepare to leave their homes for a long time, their wives would tie their scarves around their husbands’ necks in order to remind them of their love while they were far away from home hence the cravat was born. It is a very stylish accessory indeed, and I remember thinking that I would love to include this in my wardrobe.

Other than the cravat, the great Sestine umbrellas and the Samobor crystals also enticed me. The latter is particularly intriguing as it is crafted by artisans in one of the many glass factories that exist in the small town of Samobor near the capital Zagreb.

With all of these things rolling around in my mind, I realized that I had a list of things not available in my own country that I would love to possess. I wanted a way to obtain them; that is to say, I was beginning my journey into wishlist shopping. Fortunately, I came across the perfect app that allows me to do that.

Antarmy (iOSAndroid) is a global shopping app that allows one to shop for things available all around the world and make money by selling stuff as well, all with a few touches and swipes and while remaining within the confines of one’s bedroom.

You simply upload your shopping wishlist on the app and sit back for offers to come in from overseas order takers. The great thing about this is that you can try to describe your product if you’re not exactly sure about what it’s called. Moreover, you get to pay after you’ve received your products from the selected order taker. That is pretty much how I got my cravat and Samobor crystal.

Similarly, you can use the platform to make money by being an order taker for international customers. For instance, I put up a fine piece of Sindhi Ajrak cloth for sale on Antarmy, and it wasn’t long before I got an interested customer whom I shipped it to. It was a win-win situation because he got an exquisite piece of cloth, while I got to sell something and earn cash.

In conclusion, Antaramy is a comprehensive app that allows you to fulfill your desire for traveling and shopping at the same time by giving you a rich international shopping experience.

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